Adama Wines Bursary Candidates for 2024


The HER Wine Collection is produced by an all-black, all-female team who grows, makes, markets, and distributes their own wine. 

As women in wine, we understand the struggle to rise out of disadvantaged circumstances because we’ve been there, and we’ve done just that. Funding and mentorship are the key ingredients for empowering young women, and we’re determined to do just that. We’d like to smooth the path for those that come after us by giving bursaries and providing mentorship to the deserving and determined.

To this end, 2% of profits from the sale of HER Wine Collection wines are channelled into a bursary fund. Sponsoring aspirant South African female winemakers is not their only goal, their empowerment vision is much broader.

We are already making a difference: Caylin Samuels (20) passed her first year of Educare training with distinction and is currently in her second year. Funding her tuition and providing stationery and technology is just part of her support. Regular face-to-face meetings with her mentor ensure Caylin is supported and encouraged. The mentor also regularly checks in with her lecturers and chats with her parents to ensure that Caylin is keeping up with her work. 

“This year we are moving from the pre-school phase to Grade R and so I am going to complete the practical part of my course at my old primary school,” she explains. “I am going to try my best to learn everything I can so that I become a good teacher who will build a good foundation for the learners in my class.”

This year we’ve had several applicants for the bursary, and we’d really like to help all of them achieve their dreams. As news of the bursary spreads, more and more matriculants are approaching us, eager to create a stimulating career for themselves and a better life for their families. 

This bursary for students has certain requirements including writing a motivational letter explaining why the candidate concerned deserves support. There is a defined set of criteria to ensure that the process is free and fair including a panel interview and a contract to sign.

As the HER Wine Collection bursary is funded by profits, the available bursaries for 2024 depend on annual sales figures. So far, we have been able to process three bursaries for new students, and also continue to support Caylin in her second year at Huguenot College. We hope to be able to further our support to other deserving candidates soon.

Our 2024 recipients are:

Jamie-Lee Abelse: Jamie-Lee will be studying Hospitality Management at Boland College in Paarl. With a keen serving heart, she sees a future for herself in the tourism sector of the wine industry. She particularly loves the practical aspect, enjoying making all sorts of different dishes.

Amisha Hoffman: From the get-go, Amisha knew she wanted to work in Human Resources because she wanted to work with people. So she was thrilled to receive the news that she had been accepted in Human Resources Management at Boland College in Paarl. “It was a challenge in the beginning, especially getting used to the lecturers speaking only English,” she says. “But I signed up for this, so I am determined to do my best.”

Naslee Morkel: As the daughter of farm workers who spend all day in the vineyards, Naslee was determined to find a way into an air-conditioned office. The Management Assistant course at Boland College is the first stepping stone for Naslee in a career in office administration. “Every day I learn something new,” says an enthusiastic Naslee. “At the moment we are studying Client Liaison and I am learning a lot in the computer class.”

None of these young women would have been able to study further if it wasn’t for the HER Wine Collection fund but also the constant encouragement, accountability and support they receive from a group of empowered women determined to pay it forward.