HER team


HER Wine Collection is led by women, and we are proud of it

At HER wines, we are determined to enlarge our circle of influence

Having each spent several years working in the wine industry, we saw a gap in the market for an all-female, all-black business that could combine our skillsets to offer a unique proposition, a wine brand women could be proud of.

Together the HER wine collection team is forging a new path for ourselves and our families and we hope to inspire and enable others to nurture community, promote new connections and inspire creativity.

We don’t just have a female winemaker, every member of the team is female, a unique proposition. We see great opportunity to bring like-minded people together to share knowledge, inspire each other and extend our network across diverse communities in the South African Wine Industry. HER Wine resonates with being a South African wine brand owned by women that reflects insight and energy as ​​Cape wine producers.