Cape wines with style in the making

Cape wines with style in the making

Well, the harvest is over, but the winemaking process is not! While the vineyards of the wine farms of the Western Cape are turning burnished colours under cloudy skies, the grapes from the harvest are being put through their paces in the cellar, becoming red and white wines that will speak of their journey thus far and age well in your cellar.

The first Cape wines of the 2023 harvest will start emerging in late June if they are white, and maybe only next June if they are red and being matured in oak. This is a time in the cellar that requires more thought than action. After having vinified all the grapes, now is the time to think about blending and creating something extra special or super on-point. Here our female winemaker shows her worth by thoughtfully applying her wily skills to the craft of winemaking, creating wines that will last in both bottle and memory. She would regularly taste wine samples from the various tanks and barrels, blending the contents with others to get just the right combination of flavour, character and complexity to produce a wine that is well balanced and appealing.

While it is important that the wine shows off the characteristics of the grape varietal, the winemaker also has to consider the specific style within the parameters of that varietal, and at the same time express the terroir from whence the grapes were harvested, as well as that imprint of that specific vintage.

Juggling all of that is quite a task. Cape wines have a certain signature profile which differentiates them from other wine regions of the world, and specific grape varietals do too. Added to that, a warm vintage might give more generous flavours and higher alcohol levels, while a cooler vintage might give more delicate flavours.

Once she is happy, the laborious process of bottling and labelling takes place, and then once that’s done, the wine is packaged and delivered across the country to both retailers and consumers to open and enjoy.

Cape Wines - Chenin Blanc HER WINES

The HER Wine Collection already has an impressive following, having created a name for itself as a range of delicious wines that will enhance any occasion, be it an informal gathering or an intimate dinner. These wines by women are for everyone, the catalysts for joy, for fun and for celebration.

White wine

Chill the Sauvignon Blanc and serve it to the girls over a salad, or simply as an aperitif.

Make sure you have several bottles of Chenin Blanc in the fridge when friends come over to watch the rugby, but keep some hidden at the back so you have something to enjoy after a long day at work.

Cape Wines - Pinotage - HER WINES

Red Wine

Stash a bottle of the Pinotage for an unexpected sexy night, or to pack in for a party night out.

Keep that Shiraz for when friends come over that you want to impress, you’ll need quite a few, it’s very more-ish you know.

The HER Wine Collection is a small but comprehensive range of wines that will pair with a variety of dishes, and enhance a myriad of occasions. These wines taste of the Cape, their style is generous and their quality excellent.

And remember …. 2% of sales go to funding the tertiary education of young people with big dreams. Join in their journey and make a meaningful difference!.

How to pair wine with food

How to pair wine with food

Food and wine pairing

You invite friends over for a meal. What wine do you serve? Food and wine pairing can become really complicated and, quite frankly, really snobby, but let’s make it simple.

You want everyone to have a good time, right? Choosing a wine that enhances the food that you’ve spent hours preparing (or buying!) makes for a more enjoyable, memorable evening. Here are a few basics to consider when pairing food with wine.

Food and wine pairing

Food and wine pairing guide:

A good food and wine pairing tip are to choose wines that match the flavour intensity of the food. 

  • A wooded or fruity white wine is often a good choice for spicy curry dishes
  • A robust red wine is a perfect match for a hearty stew, roast or steak
  • A light, crisp white wine will go well with a fresh green salad or grilled chicken
  • A very rich, creamy dish will be balanced out by a more acidic wine, be it red or white.
Food and wine pairing

Food and wine pairing ideas:

Getting your friends involved in discussing food and wine pairing makes for a more interactive, dynamic get-together. Here are a few ideas to liven up a party with some food and wine pairing possibilities.

  • Just because you have pizza takeaways doesn’t mean you don’t need to consider the wine. Something meaty needs a hearty red wine, while something cheesy might need a more acidic white but the traditional Hawaiian calls for a full-bodied, fruity white wine. Why not ask your guests to taste and pick their best combo?
  • Wine and chocolate is not a traditional pairing, but if you’re a chocaholic, this one’s for you. The experts tell us that white chocolate pairs best with sweeter, fruity white wines, while milk chocolate should taste best with a light to medium-bodied red. Dark chocolate calls for a big bold red wine.
  • Wanting to impress someone special? If you’ve got a hot date, make sure you wine and dine in style. Choose a wine with a special story that will impress. Wine prepares the palate for food, so enjoy a few sips while you wait for your food to arrive and you’ll pave the way for a magical evening.
  • Invite your friends over for the big game and prepare some snacks to enjoy in front of the screen. A chilled white wine will go best with salty snacks, but something cheesy will partner best with a fruity red wine. Remember to keep a bottle of bubbles on ice to pop when you win.
  • Quiz nights can become quite heated. A few bottles of fruity red will loosen the tongues and possibly the brain cells.
  • Just dining alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pair food and wine. Take time to pick your wine, pour some into a beautiful glass, and savour the me-time. 
Food and wine pairing

Putting effort into meals makes a huge difference in the experience. It doesn’t have to cost a lot or take time. It just requires a little thought. Cheers from the HER Wine Collection team.