Adama Wines Bursary candidates for 2023 get off to a flying start

Adama Wines Bursary candidates for 2023 get off to a flying start

The HER Wine Collection team is loyally following the paths of their first two bursary candidates as they near the end of their first term in their first year of tertiary education. The year started in a flurry of administrative activity as deposits were paid, stationary was acquired, and laptops were formatted to set up these aspirant young women for success. Great was the anticipation for the start of something new, as for both of them, no-one in their families had ever had the chance to study further.

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“While producing female winemakers in South Africa is important,” says HER Wines winemaker Praisy Dlamini, “empowering women to impact all facets of society is paramount. Obtaining a tertiary qualification is so much more than getting the chance to get a higher paying job, it is a chance to learn soft skills like confidence and self-discipline, to network amongst peers on the same journey, to explore the world and find a place in it. This bursary prepares these young women for the world of work in a way that they get to make an impact on it, rather than the other way around.”

“We are committed to walking a path with these two young people,” continues Praisy. “Providing the funding is just part of our contribution, we want to share with them what we have learnt on our journeys thus far, in the hope that they will one day realise their own dreams.”

LeeGail Wagner is studying Marketing at Boland College in Paarl. Apparently, she has done “quite well” so far and is looking forward to taking an impressive report card home at the end of this term. While the subject of Marketing is her favourite, LeeGail is also enjoying other subjects, including Communications, Computer Literacy, Entrepreneurship and Business Administration. “We are learning all about consumer behaviour,” she explains. “It was a bit lonely at the beginning, but I soon made friends, and now I enjoy being on campus.”

LeeGail says she has also learnt a lot about herself: “I have also learned to ask questions if I don’t understand. I have also learnt better study methods. Every day when I get home, I summarise the work we did that day so that I don’t get behind.”

Praisy again: “We noticed an indefinable spark in LeeGail. It’s a combination between dogged determination and a gentle joy that makes us believe in her ability to make it.”

Caylin Samuels is studying Educare at Huguenot College in Wellington. “Everything is going well,” she says. “The work is interesting, and our lecturer is like a second mother to us. Our class is like a family.”

“College is not the same as school,” she continues. “I have to work much harder, but I like the work as it is about my passion, so I really don’t mind all the hours I spend doing my homework. My goal towards becoming a teacher is getting closer.”

Caylin is also pleased to have met and made so many new friends: “My classmates come from all over. There are students from nearby towns, and some in the hostel come from faraway places in the Northern Cape. It is interesting to hear about what it’s like where they come from.”

The Educare course has a significant practical component, and Caylin will start her first stint at the Bosman Adama crèche at the end of May this year. She is determined to pay forward the opportunity she has been given by impacting young lives.

“Caylin is both perceptive and intelligent,” says Praisy. “She combines conscientiousness and passion to achieve her goals, and she is only just discovering the potential of that.”

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“We are a group of trailblazers, growing a business in unchartered territory. We’re passionate about investing in more young women who will be pioneers in their own fields while they inspire others to reach higher and wider,” concludes Praisy.

The HER Wine Collection bursary is funded by 2% of the profits from all bottled wine sales. 

Invest in empowerment, buy HER Wines.

HER Wines Bursary

HER Wines Bursary

Empowering young people is a key focus for the HER Wine Collection team. These women in wine understand the struggle because of the hurdles they themselves have overcome to get to where they are today.

Each woman has found their niche in the business world through their own hard work but also because of the people they met along the way who gave them a hand up, and they’d like to do the same for others.

Women empowerment

Their women empowerment project is a bursary scheme for young matriculants, enabling the successful applicants to realise their own dreams. Sponsoring aspirant South African female winemakers is not their only goal, their empowerment vision is broader.

Just as they bring their own skills to work together to run this dynamic business, so the HER Wine Collections team wishes to encourage other young people to use their own talents to create a sustainable and rewarding career for themselves. Their aim is, therefore to fund matriculants to study at a tertiary institution of their choice and to mentor them in the process to ensure success.

What is a bursary?

A bursary is a sum of money given to a person by an organisation, in this case the HER Wine Collection, to pay for their studies when they would otherwise not be able to. The funds can also be used to buy necessities such as a laptop, stationery and text books.

To apply for this bursary, applicants simply need to contact Kelli Bushby at Bosman Adama by email:

Complete and return the form along with your ID, the ID of your parent/guardian and your latest matric results, including a motivational letter giving reasons for the application.

If shortlisted, a suitable time for an interview will be arranged with each bursary applicant.

The HER Wine Collection bursary is funded by 2% of the profits of HER Wines. Therefore, available bursaries for 2023 depend on annual wine sales figures.

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