Women Winemakers: The HER Wine Collection is changing the face of wine

Women Winemakers: The HER Wine Collection is changing the face of wine

These days there are more and more women winemakers making their presence felt in an industry that has always been stereotypically male. The job is still the same, requiring long days (and nights) in the cellar during harvest, scorching hours sampling grapes in the vineyards, and much lugging around of pipes and pumps.

But, there’s also art and craft, chemistry and history, facts and myths, precision and creativity that all combine to form a challenging, stimulating job for an inventive scientist at heart. Moreover, it seems women bring something else to the job, a sixth sense (call it intuition) which makes all the difference.

Women winemakers on the rise

These days there are many successful women winemakers in cellars across the Cape Winelands, many of them black female winemakers. There are also several South African wine brands owned by women that are also doing well both locally and abroad.

Women Winemakers - Her Wine Collection

Women in wine

But the HER Wine Collection has taken women in wine to a whole new level. Not only is their winemaker Praisy Dlamini, a go-getter black and female winemaker, but the entire Her Wines Team is female. Starting with the viticulturist through to logistics, finance, marketing and sales, this all-female team is raising the bar, challenging us all to think bigger and even better. The HER Wine Collection, with its stylish and eye-catching packaging, challenges the stereotype and entices the upwardly aspiring, giving them permission to kick back in style and own the moment.

Empowering women in wine

But they’re not just fun and frivolous. Each member of this all-woman team had barriers to tackle to get to where they are today. They know the struggle, and that’s why they want to give back, so they have committed to ploughing 2% of their profits into helping other young people achieve their dreams. The Her Wine Collection Scholarship will be awarded to those who show the same determination and will pay for tertiary studies so that these young people can also enjoy a fulfilling career someday. Similarly, as wine sales increase and the company expands, more women will be employed in various positions, giving some extra hands up.

Women Winemakers In South Africa

The role of women in wine

Dlamini summarises it best: “I am passionate about wine, but I see my role as bigger than just being a winemaker. I am a carer, too and for me, care means empathy. I must go the extra mile and put myself in someone else’s shoes so that I can see things from their point of view. And once I am there, I need to do something about it. Care is meaningless unless it is followed by action, and for me, that action would be empowering women to achieve their dreams.”

But on the more frivolous side, we asked Dlamini for some wine recommendations:

Best red for ladies’ night out: The HER Pinotage is a wine to entice and excite. It’s rich, welcoming flavours will set the mood for the evening.

Best red wine for women: The HER Shiraz is packed with tantalising spice and juicy berries, which makes it easy to love and easy to drink.

Best wine for a celebration: Some might say Bubbles, but I would go for the HER Chenin Blanc which will both delight and impress.

Best wine for a girls’ lunch: The HER Sauvignon Blanc will be perfect because it is a crowd-pleasure and is fruity and zesty like a summer’s day.

Her Wine Collection Range

Last word from our women winemakers

“Though we’re far from the traditional back-slapping boys’ club, we want to get together to empower each other, nurture talent and embrace dynamic change,” says Dlamini. “Wine is a great catalyst for bringing people together, and good wine inspires confident new ideas that make a lasting impact.”