Nice Red Wine: What To Look For


Exploring the world of red wine is a sensory journey filled with unique flavours and characteristics. From fruit-forward notes to earthy undertones, each sip offers a glimpse into the intricate world of wine flavours. In this guide, we delve into the essence of nice red wine, uncovering the key characteristics and features that make it a delightful experience. Explore with us as we navigate through the nuances of wine flavours, characteristics, the essence of a perfect red wine selection and two of the Woolworths Cape wines.

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The Flavour Profile of Nice Red Wine

One of the first things to consider when choosing a nice red wine is the flavour profile. Each wine has its own unique combination of flavours, which can range from fruity and sweet to earthy and bold, and the flavours of wine are influenced by factors such as the grape variety, region, and winemaking process.

Fruit Flavours

Many red wines are characterised by their prominent fruit flavours, which can vary from bright and light to dark and jammy. Red wines like Merlot or Grenache often have notes of strawberry, red cherry, or red currant, while others such as Zinfandel may present richer fruit flavours like black cherry or ripe plum. 

nice red wine - merlot sign in the vineyards

Spice and Herb Notes

Spice notes in red wine are typically derived from either the grape variety itself or from the ageing process, particularly in oak barrels. Some red wines might offer a hint of black or white pepper, cinnamon, or liquorice. Herbs like rosemary, thyme, or oregano can also come through.

Earthy and Woody Undertones

Earthy flavours in nice red wine can range from the subtle taste of minerals or wet stone to more pronounced flavours like leather, tobacco, or mushroom. These flavours are often associated with Old World wines, such as those from France or Italy, and can add complexity and depth. Woody undertones typically come from ageing in oak barrels and can impart flavours of vanilla, cedar, smoke, or toast. The type of oak used and the duration of ageing will influence the intensity and quality of these flavours.

Floral and Other Aromatics

Some red wines, particularly those made from grapes like Pinot Noir and Sangiovese, can have floral aromatics such as violets, lavender, or rose petals. These delicate notes can add elegance and a sense of freshness to the wine. Other aromatics that may be present include chocolate, coffee, or even hints of tar, all contributing to a wine’s unique bouquet.

Winemaker smelling a glass of red wine

It’s important to note that these are general flavour profiles, and not all red wines will have the same exact flavours. Every person’s palate is different, which means that what one person may taste in a wine may differ from another person’s experience.

Characteristics of a Nice Red Wine

In addition to flavour, there are a few other characteristics to consider when selecting a nice red wine in South Africa. While these features can vary based on the grape varietal and the region in which it was produced, some key characteristics to look for in a nice red wine include:

Nice Red Wine – Body 

The body of a wine refers to its weight, texture, and overall mouth feel. It can range from light-bodied (think Pinot Noir) to full-bodied (think Cabernet Sauvignon). A wine’s body is influenced by factors such as the grape variety, climate, and winemaking process. Full-bodied wines tend to have higher alcohol content and more concentrated flavours, while light-bodied wines, are typically more refreshing and easier to drink.

Nice Red Wine – Tannins

Tannins are naturally occurring compounds found in grape skins, seeds, and stems that give wine its astringency and structure. They can be described as the drying sensation you feel in your mouth when you drink red wine. Some red wines, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, are known for their high tannin levels, which can contribute to their ageing potential.

Person Holding Grapes

Nice Red Wine – Acidity

Acidity is a key component in wine that gives it its tart and refreshing taste. It helps balance out the sweetness and tannins in a wine, making it more enjoyable to drink. Red wines tend to have lower acidity levels compared to white wines, but there are some exceptions which do have quite a high acid content, such as Grenache. 

Nice Red Wine – Alcohol Content

The alcohol content of a wine can vary greatly and is influenced by factors such as the grape variety, climate, and winemaking process. The alcohol content is typically listed on the label and is expressed as a percentage by volume (% ABV). A higher alcohol content can lead to a fuller-bodied wine with more intense flavours. However, balance is, of course, key, as too much alcohol can overpower the other elements of the wine.

Nice Red Wine – Finish

The finish of a wine is the impression it leaves after you’ve swallowed it. A good red wine will often have a long, satisfying finish that lingers on the palate. This can be a continuation of the flavours detected while tasting or even introduce new subtle notes. The quality of the finish is often indicative of a wine’s overall complexity and craftsmanship.

Nice Red Wine – Complexity

Complexity refers to the range and harmony of flavours, aromas, and characteristics within a nice red wine. A complex wine will reveal different notes and nuances as you taste it, often changing and evolving in the glass. Complexity can be a result of many factors, including the grape blend, terroir, ageing process, and winemaker’s technique.

Winemaker looking at a glass of wine

Nice Red Wine – Balance

Balance is the harmonious integration of a wine’s flavours, acidity, tannins, and alcohol. A well-balanced wine will not have any one characteristic dominating the others, but rather they will work together to create a pleasing and cohesive experience. Balance is often what separates good wines from great wines and is a key factor to consider when selecting a nice red wine.

HER Wines: Two Popular Red Wine Varietals

While there are countless red wine varietals to choose from, two of the most popular varietals include Pinotage and Shiraz.

HER Wines Shiraz

The 2022 Shiraz from HER Wine Collection flawlessly combines the flavours of dark berries with subtle notes of spice and vanilla, producing a captivating wine. It leaves a lasting impression on the palate and is hailed as a top nice red wine of South Africa.

HER Shiraz in front of a fireplace

HER Wines Pinotage

The 2022 Pinotage from HER Wine Collection enchants wine enthusiasts with its rich, ripe red berry flavours, complemented by aromatic spicy notes. Its medium-bodied structure features velvety and soft tannins that enhance the richness of the delicious fruit tastes.

Lady holding a bottle of HER Pinotage

Where to Find HER Wines 

Our wines are available to purchase directly from our online store, but if you’re looking for alternative options of where to purchase HER Wine in South Africa, there are many local and online retailers where they can be found. 

One great option is Woolworths. Woolworths offers the complete selection of the HER Wine Collection at stores nationwide in the Woolworths wine section, and these can also be found at Woolworths Online. If you are looking for a nice red wine, then the HER Wine Collection Shiraz, as well as the HER Wine Collection Pinotage are available at Woolies wine online at R89.99 per bottle.

HER Wine Shiraz being Poured

The HER Wine Bursary Initiative

The HER Wine Bursary initiative arises from the HER Wine Collection, a pioneering effort led by women in the winemaking industry. Having overcome significant challenges in their professional journey, the HER Wine Collection team understands the hurdles aspiring individuals face to carve out their careers. Motivated by this knowledge, we have committed 2% of our proceeds to set up a bursary to empower ambitious, talented, young individuals to pursue their dreams. 

HER Wine Bursary Stamp

Eligible candidates for this scholarship are families actively working on wine farms that cultivate grapes for the HER Wine Collection. Selected recipients will receive help financially for their academic endeavours, along with mentorship to help them navigate the difficulties of higher education and career advancement.

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